Specializing (continued)

 Global Industry Products represents the standard for supplying products to the casino industry. The casino industry is a unique type of industry which is a combination of different industry groups, which are banking, gaming, hotel, food, entertainment, retail, and security. This casino industry conglomerate consumes a great variety of different types of products, creating strategic advantages not available to single product line vendors. By becoming a source of a large number of consumable product lines focusing exclusively on casino usage, Global Industry Products is able to capture a significant market share.

Hundreds of vendors deliver thousands of products to each casino every day. This burdens casinos with the cost of managing a large number of vendors and warehousing a large quantity of products, which is necessary to obtain wholesale pricing. The casino industry is the perfect choice for Global Industry Products business model.

By consolidating the daily products requisitioned by the numerous casinos, economies of scale are achieved. Global Industry Products leverages these economies to guarantee the best prices available to each casino, without the casino having to warehouse large quantities of products. Global Industry Products has exclusive relationships with some of the largest product manufacturers in the world and has negotiated to secure these discounts.

Relationship Marketing

Global Industry Products utilizes relationship marketing to develop customers from leads to committed buyers. Rather than focus only on pushing product, Global Industry Products learns about the processes of organizations and attempts to provide complete end-to-end solutions that can decrease or eliminate repetitive procedures. By offering more holistic, personalized approaches and working together with companies, customers are more willing to buy from Global Industry Products.

Global Industry Products has had great success in developing strong relationships throughout the casino industry.