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FIRE AT GIP Warehouse

Personal and the inside of the building was not harmed or damaged. That a damage to the outside of the building and two delivery vehicles were completely destroyed. See video of the person trying to steal gas catching on fire.

 The FitBoxr is a new portable exercise product where resistance bands are affixed to the harness to perform as weight resistance exercises. FitBoxr is patent pending and has a pending register trademark. Great for young and old. Use at home, at the office, while traveling or at the gym. The Fitboxr is adjustable to fit and has interchangeable resistance bands for different strength levels. QVC and HSN have stated interest in sale of the product. The FixBoxr is in the final preproduction stage and will be manufactured for sale in 2019.



GIP owns and is in the process of developing an exercise program for DVD home use and gym classes. Fit Boxing will include a verity of exercises designed to be used with FitBoxr and additional boxing type exercises for a fun workout program. will sell a whole line of home use Boxing related equipment and clothing from the industry’s top manufacturers.

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  • Currently selling products to every major US Casino. Also to Resorts, City and State Governments, large National Retailers and Schools throughout the US and Canada.

  • Has exclusive relationships with some of the largest product manufacturers in the world.

  • Multiple Office and Distribution Facilities including Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.

  • Manufactures and markets, both wholesale and retail, it's own line of Private Labeled Products and Trademarks.

  • An excellent credit rating with Dun & Bradstreet.


Global Industry Products provides consumable products to the Hospitality Industry. Global Industry Products has capitalized on the opportunity to consolidate numerous industry related vendors and product lines into a single point purchasing solution. Primary product lines required by casinos are made available twenty-four hours a day, every day.  more >>


"GIP has always overly provided for the needs of MGM Grand and New York New York Casino."

" They provide us with outstanding customer service, and always come through when we need them." -- Manadaly Bay